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Artist known as "ymlegend" suffered from a motorcycle accident that could have ended his life. After being on bed rest and recovery for almost a year he lost majority of his close friendships, Brought down his current music group "Mystic Nerds", and set back his life. He has struggled to make a comeback in the music scene from followers lost, huge opportunities lost, and exposure that could have led him to fame, went down the drain!


After being on bed rest and recovery for over a year he went through a huge state of Mental Depression, Social Anxiety, and wondered if he could ever get back to the path he was once on.  Geared up for a major comeback he decided to release his first solo project called "Pick A Flower". Due to the fact of rush releasing the album un-planned, and unorganized, his sales were lower than ever. Deciding to take a step back, breath, and begin planning the next phase of his legacy.


A few weeks after into his rebrand the "Covid19" virus crashed demanding stay at home orders and all social interactions now gone, he had to find another way to stand out. During the pandemic legend was introduced to a Virtual Reality game where you talk to other individuals from around the world in locations that resembled real life locations. Aka the META-VERSE.


In Virtual Reality many to more than 90% of users suffer with Mental Health, Social Anxiety, Major Life Traumas, and use virtual avatars to represent themselves visually. Deciding to use his avatar to represent himself like everyone else he has reached new heights. Building up to almost 100,000 TikTok followers and over 47+ Million Views in just under 3 months, he focuses on helping, motivating, and inspiring other individuals with or without a dream, to help create, and make their dreams come true sharing his story!


Next Chapter: LGNDAIRY


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