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Artist known as "ymlegend" suffered from a motorcycle accident that could have ended his life. After being on bed rest and recovery for almost a year he lost majority of his close friendships, Brought down his current music group "Mystic Nerds", and set back his life. He has struggled to make a comeback in the music scene from followers lost, huge opportunities lost, and exposure that could have led him to fame, went down the drain!


Geared up for a major comeback he decided to release his first official solo album "Pick A Flower". Due to the lack of sales, he decided to throw it aside and focus on a new image.  A few weeks after into his rebrand the "Covid19" virus crashed. Demanding stay at home orders, no interaction, no venues open, he had to stand out some type of way. With lockdowns continuing he seen a rise in Virtual Reality activity on a popular steam game called "VRChat".


Taking music production into a virtual world he started gaining popularity when he released a music video for the song called "Stay Indoors" which was filmed and directed in VR. Buried away in his recording studio working day and night we are ready to see what he has to offer next. ymlegend is set focus on creating an unexpected image no one could ever forget. "belegendary!" says "ymlegend".


mystic nerds

legndairy ent.