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What's happening to me..?

I want to start by thanking everyone who had a hand in this project. You all motivated me, believed in me, and wanted to help me elevate my production quality.

One of my boys @notnolando who has been there since i started my journey in virtual reality, watched him throw blood, sweat, and tears working on this new look for me, a person who never let me give the heck up even when i wanted to throw the towel in. Thank you family!

Next is an absolute treasure, @harleyy.vr has been someone i met back when i first started diving into the whole virtual world. One of the sweetest peeps I’ve met, and continues to be a day one for me. I watched you work hard making this texture for me and bringing my vision to life!

Another, is @icyfilms.vrc who has been nothing but the most humble, and the best videographer I’ve ever worked with, He’s truly a great person, he brings all my visions to damn life.. I knew this dude had a vision, and didn’t hesitate making him apart family.

Lastly, my boy @whitestrelitzia.vr who has been nothing but great vibes, down to earth, and one of the coolest peeps. I mentioned i wanna do a video with the avatar reveal and in a heartbeat he said lets do it, now.. lets go! bro you absolutely killed it in the video fam!

They, always told me save the best for last, haha!

I thank 2 very special people @daddysenpai & @daddyissuezvrc who has been nothing but inspiration to be around. I’ve opened up to them about so much since we have met and they continue to put up with my bs. To be honest, Watching them work has motivated me to push myself harder than ever in this community, and they even went the extra mile suggesting me ways to make this avatar amazing, connecting me with @tuesdxy.vr to give me this head edit ❤️

I thank you all, as this year comes to an end, i hope to continue to grow, elevate my production, push everything i have left in my tank all year to make this brand take over the world. be ready, stay LGNDAIRY!

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